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Collaborating Artist: Steve Durbach

A bit about Steve.

Steve Durbach is a unique visionary and, lucky for us, he started contributing artwork and ideas to Ultragrafik in 2017. Steve began his career as a scientist in South Africa and in 2008 relocated to Sydney to pursue a career in art. Steve is primarily self-taught and after a few years of expressionistic painting he seems to have hit his stride in recent times with a growing integration of science and ideas in his art forms. His most recent paintings, kinetic sculpture installations and automatic-drawing machines are quite distinctive and reflect a continued exploration of evolution, repetition, error-prone pattern generation and recognition, automation and self-analysis. These are weighty concepts but Steve somehow communicates them in ways we can all understand and appreciate. Check out his wonderful art!


We love Steve's quirky sense of humour, positive energy, unyielding inquisitive nature.

Gallery of artworks

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