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A wide selection of original artworks are available online and at the Gallery.

SALE - 30% OFF all artworks until end of June!


Click these LINKS to view artworks priced  <$1000 , $1000-$2500 , >$2500

If you find a work you would like to purchase online, email us at for Payment options (Paypal or bank transfer) and cost of delivery.

We also take commissions!

We can organise delivery anywhere in Australia (and smaller works overseas).

Email for enquiries, a PDF price list or more detailed images of specific works.

Previous Exhibitions:

"Eternal Nature" 10-31 October 2020

Paintings and drawings by Wendy Stokes, John Scott, David Brooker and George Liddle.

"Supernatural" 18 July-10 August 2019

Paintings and drawings by Steven Durbach, John Scott, David Brooker, Beric Henderson, George Liddle and Elva Henderson

"Metamorphosis" 1-30 November 2018

An exploration of transformation of the body, mind and spirit by Beric Henderson and Steven Durbach.

"Spirit of Creation" 4-30 October 2018

Paintings, drawings and sculpture by John Scott, David Brooker, Beric Henderson, Kara Walsh, Elva Henderson and Jasmine Henderson.

"Journey into Imagination" April-May 2018. with local artists John Scott, Beric Henderson, Sumei Chew, David Brooker, and Elva Henderson.

Field of Dreams" 14 Sept - 14 Oct 2017

An amazing collection of drawings by Steven Durbach, Beric Henderson and David Brooker.

"Icons" 12 Aug - 7 Sept 2017

UG Fine Art was proud to present David Brooker's first solo exhibition of celebrity portraits.

"Mysterious Landscapes" 1-21 July 2017

This exhibition was a collection of evocative and imaginative images conjuring the local and idealised Australian landscape.  The artists involved each have a unique vision: Pauline Roods, Beric Henderson, David Brooker, Sumei Chew and Elva Henderson.

"Amazing Trees" 1-28 April 2017

Featuring the work of Elva Henderson. Her ink on paper paintings are detailed gems of colour.

"Visions"  Dec 2016 - Mar 2017

Featuring major works by resident artist Beric Henderson and wonderful small works by Julian Henderson (Sydney), Steve Durbach (Sydney).

Gallery Images

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