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Julian Henderson Biography

Born June 1987 in Sydney, Australia


Julian is a man of many hats, being a printmaker, a multi-disciplined graphic designer and illustrator. He currently works and creates in Sydney and during 2013 lived and worked in London’s East End as a designer & illustrator .


Over the past 7 years Julian has worked closely with offset & digital print companies on commercial size print runs, both onshore and offshore, and also worked extensively on the digital side, creating content for advertising and marketing purposes. He is also quite handy at throwing words around and often does a lot of copywriting for clients. It’s not all computer based though, he loves getting his hands dirty and has painted several large scale murals for studios around Sydney and also take on commissioned illustration work. In 2013 Julian held his first solo illustration exhibition in Potts Point. The motivation behind what he does comes from his love of exploring and experimenting in different techniques, styles and technologies. His work is heavily influenced by a ‘cheeky’ sense of humour, which he tries to incorporate into as many projects as possible.



Julian is a qualified designer with a BA Honours degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communications from the University of Western Sydney. Having clocked up several years worth of industry experience, he is proficient in print, digital, branding & more notably as an illustrator. He has also worked with a great range of clients across Australia and in the United Kingdom.


Julian on the Printing Press 2015


at The Distillery, Sydney

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